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Partner Yoga2014 yoga teacher training 200 hour rys ithaca new yorkAYTTC 2013


200 Hour Personal and Professional

Yoga Teacher Training Course


Module I

~2014 Module I ~ Immersion dates~

JULY 23rd – AUG 8th
Mon-Sat 6am-8pm 

Sundays are free days!
cost $3000.00

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $2000 ~ ends 6/21/14

~2014 Module II Immersion dates~

FEB 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 22nd, 23rd

MARCH 8th, 9th, 22nd, 23rd

APRIL   12th, 13th, 26th, 27th

MAY   3rd, 4th

The cost is $3000.00(US)

Saturday 6am – 7pm

Sunday 6am-6pm

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $2000 ~ ends 1/13/14

Here’s how it works!
There are at least 3 Modules offered every year.  Each Module is a COMPLETE 200 HOUR Certification.  That means you do NOT have to take Module I, then II, etc.  Each Module includes 200 contact hours and an internship.  Each Trainee is given 18 months from the first day of their scheduled Immersion (Module) to complete all contact hours and internship requirements.   Internships may be done locally or remotely.  Ahimsa provides internship opportunities at the end of each Module and job placement support after graduation.  Module I is held every summer is very intense, 16 days in a row of 14 hour days with Sundays free.  Module II is held February through May with 8 weekends of 25 Immersion hours per weekend and one complimentary class per week during Module.  Module III is held September through May with 11 weekends of 25  Immersion hours per weekend and 9 weekends must be attended with one complimentary class per week during Module.  Students may ‘make-up’ contact hours in other Modules as long as this is done within their 18 month window.

For more info or her weekly teaching schedule visit Hawk’s page.
Call or email Hawk for details!
607-280-0191 or ithacayoga@yahoo.com

Hawk and Ahimsa Yoga mentors  will guide you gently through this powerful experience while nestled in the beautiful and tranquil surroundings  of the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.  As a Yogi of 25+ years Hawk offers a wealth of Knowledge and experience and a chance to enter the awesome lineage of Raja Hatha Ashtanga Yoga!

The purpose of the training is to provide a safe environment for an in-depth study of the practice of Yoga that will enable students to deepen their personal practice while cultivating the unique voice of a nurturing Yoga teacher. This creative, fusion-oriented program is for the motivated yoga practitioner who wants to evolve and integrate the diversity of their life experience, on and off the mat, into the strong foundation of an empowered, skillful professional Yoga teacher.

The Ahimsa Yoga program offers a dynamic, integrative approach to the art of Yoga embodiment. In addition to completing contact hours with the Ahimsa faculty you will also have innovative, heart provoking hOMe work to inspire you; an after program internship to keep the wheel rolling; and practical and experiential studies to keep you motivated through the journey. This program will provide a grounding for teachers to build foundations of integrated knowledge while leaving some breathing room for each of you to follow your own path of evolution through this process of transformation.

2014 Ahimsa Yoga TTC Senior Teacher and Trainer 27 years!200 Hour RYSnaga-nagus-cropped200 Hour Teacher Training Course, Registered Yoga SchoolYoga Alliance Registered Yoga School, 2oo Hour teacher Training Certification, Upstate New YorkMeditation School TTC

Ahimsa Yoga School is Ithaca New York’s best kept secret!

Graduates have the opportunity to register with Yoga Alliance upon completion.  100% of all Ahimsa Yoga TTC graduates are currently teaching!

In this course you will have the opportunity to learn how to practice YOGA and how to teach YOGA!

For a glossary of the following terms click here

ASANA        PRANAYAMA       YAMA       NIYAMA       MANTRA       JAPA       KUNDALINI       NADI       RAJA       HATHA       ASHTANGA       KARMA       KIRTAN      KRIYA       AUM       SIVA       NIDRA       PRANA       SHAKTI       CHAKRA       MOKSHA       SUTRAS       GITA       PRADAPIKA       VEDANTA