This world is so blessed to have a living Yoga Master in our midst!  Sri Dharma Mittra teaches us how to live a Divine life of Compassion and Joy while surrounded by a culture that is saturated with pain and ignorance.  He is a Living example of the perfect synthesis of all aspects of Classical Yoga. Sri  Dharma welcomes all into His loving embrace.  He teaches us all of the Yoga postures, all of the practical breathing exercises (Pranayama), Psychic Development, the best foods to eat for all of our bodies, how to concentrate, Mantra, Japa, how to purify the body and subtle channels, Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra or psychic sleep),  how to concentrate and meditate, how to extend our Compassion beyond our pets…beyond our friends and families, and the very best of His 50+ years of Sadhana!  Our beloved Dharmaji teaches most days at His ashram in New York City, 61 W 23rd Street, 6th floor. Visit Dharma Yoga Center on the web or in person!  All of these pictures are inspired by Sri Dharma Mittra.