Dharma Yoga Levels Gentle through IV with Hawk 800hr ERYT

Hawk is a Yogini of 27 years.  As creator of Ithaca Yoga Center, Ahimsa Yoga School  she has had the opportunity to work extensively with Yoga as a vehicle for transformation.  Her original training was with Sivananda Yoga and her 500 and 800 hour level training is with Sri Dharma Mittra.  See the schedule page for class times and levels.  Dharma I and Deep Relaxation are for beginners or anyone wanting a more gentle Yoga practice.  Dharma II is intermediate level.  Dharma III requires experience and Dharma IV is for advanced students only! Going beyond her original training as Yoga teacher and therapist she has helped many people to ignite their own miraculous healing powers through advance Breathing techniques.  She brings a gentle, nurturing energy to her work that combines with the clarity and power of Spirit achieved after many years of work and study.

Yin Yoga with Michael

In our culture, which rewards pushing and achievement, yin is often out of balance. This style of yoga focuses on deeply held poses (sometimes up to 15 minutes) to open and release the connective tissue and joints as well as to find balance, stillness, and healing. Although not gentle, this practice is suitable for all levels — a challenging form of yoga that calls you to face your edges, physically and spiritually.

Kalangi KUNDAlini Yoga

What is Kalangi yoga and who are the Siddhars?
The Siddhars are the yogi sages of south India who spend lifetimes meditating in caves and on mountains. The Siddhar wisdom is potent when applied to the hatha yoga practice as the body is an effective tool to work the mind towards the inner core of realization. Each hatha yoga posture replicates a unique life force. When going into each posture in yoga, with patience and calm, reach out to harmonize the breath, i.e, long and relaxed breath. Siddhis, the special powers each of us have wakes up in the inner calm that is delved into through each posture.
As the ultimate goal of yoga, Kalangi Kundalini Yoga awakens us to being the Spirit having the human experiences. Tapasyogini suryadasi devi offers the yogic insights from the mystical Kalangi Kundalini Yoga as practiced by the Siddhar Sages of South India.

Kirtan with Damodar Das

Kirtan is a sanskrit word that means “to communicate, to celebrate, to praise.” It is an ancient yoga practice of call-and-response chanting, repeating the many names and attributes of the Divine. It is a joyful and uplifting practice. This class will feature chanting from other spiritual traditionals and cultures as well. This event is a community co-creation. Those who wish to are invited to bring instruments, songs and chants to share. All ages are welcome. We will sing and chant with the intention of creating peace within us and all over the earth. The Masters say that it’s the easiest Yoga practice during this Kali Yuga. ‘Dennis Winge’s Kirtan is filled with devotion, and enthusiasm. It is infused with a spiritual energy that makes it both captivating and uplifting. – -David Newman

Damodar Das (spiritual name for Dennis Winge), was a full-time New York City jazz and studio guitarist for over 10 years before he fell in love with kirtan in early 2010, after which he rapidly learned much about the sacred practice.  He took week-long intensive kirtan course with the world renowned chant-master David Newman at Omega Institute in Spring 2010. There he learned many traditional chants, studied Sanskrit vocabulary and pronunciation, heard stories about the Deities, and memorized several ancient Vedic prayers as well as the 40 -verse Hanuman Chalisa.  In Fall 2010 he was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Shibendu Lahiri, great grandson of Lahiri Mahashay.  In 2011, Damodar Das completed a 30-hour training course with American Sanskrit Institute teacher Jo Brill, in which he learned to read ‘Devanagari’ (Sanskrit script) as well as understand and appreciate the nuances of Sanskrit poetry.

Leading his chants on both harmonium and guitar, he played at such well-known spiritual centers as Kripalu, Omega, and Ananda Ashram. While living in Westchester County, NY he was featured in Natural Awakenings magazine (click here to view).  Upon moving to the Finger Lakes region in early 2012 he has led kirtan at Visshudha in Binghamton, Grounded by Yoga in Bloomfield, Aakayani in Ithaca, and the Goldenrod Center for Philosophic Studies in Hector, and now regularly leads a monthly kirtan at Yoga and More in Corning and a monthly chanting of the Hanumaan Chaaleesaa in Foundation of Light in Ithaca.

His ensemble includes a rotating cast of other professional musicians on traditional and non-traditional instruments as harmonium, tabla, doumbek, djembe, flute, violin, bass, and keyboards.  Damodar Das also founded the band “Mantra Magic” and co-lead and co-organized the wildly successful ‘Rock and Roll Kirtan’ in Garrison NY in April 2011 as well as the fabulous New Years Eve Kirtan Extravaganza 2010 in Ridgefield, CT.  As a sideman Winge has played with such kirtan greats as Sri Kirtan, Satya Franche & Ma Kirtan, Sahaja Kathi Norklun, Sita ‘s Light, Lee Harrington, BlisSing, Shivananda and Shubalananda.

Winge has taken traditional Eastern kirtan to a new level that continually appeals to many Westerners by utilizing his extensive jazz and rock background. His deep respect for and extensive knowledge of Sanskrit chant is engagingly complemented by his jazz- and rock-influenced style of kirtan. As a freelance guitarist for over 10 years, Dennis is well-versed in many styles of music and incorporates a variety of musical forms and traditions in his kirtan. Some of his chants are based on the chord progression to jazz standards and classic rock hits, even including ones from Patti Smith and Jimi Hendrix! The combination of musical familiarity and deep devotion to the Divine Names that are sung is not only widely appealing but also an uplifting experience for all who attend Winge’s kirtans. Winge strikes a perfect balance between traditional and non-traditional, as well as between inward, meditation-fostering chants and those that are simply a rollicking good time to sing!

Acroyoga Open Jams

Acroyoga jams are open acro play times. Beginners are certainly welcome. No experience necessary, though some background in Acro helps (so take a class!) Though jams do include some more experienced monkeys who can show you the ropes, they have no formal instruction. You do not need a partner: jam participants tend to mix so you can make new friends. Come play with us!

Contact: Aner Tal, on Facebook, or at anertal@gmail.com

Tuesdays 7:30PM-10PM, suggested donation: $5 – $20

Pranayama (Breathing) with Hawk

Benefits accrue at all three levels of body, mind, and spirit simultaneously and often at a level beyond conscious awareness.  While no specific medical claims are made, nearly all known dis-ease has been seen to respond favorably to conscious breathing; ranging from cancer to digestive dis-orders, migraines, heart and circulation problems, addictions, high blood pressure, immune system dysfunction, depression, chronic fatigue… the list is endless.  Transformational breathing also complements and integrates all other healing systems.  The simple truth is that complete oxygenation of our cellular system is essential for good health!

Ahimsa Power Yoga

Ahimsa Power Yoga is an expression of Raja Hatha Ashtanga Vinyasa Kundalini Yoga. That means it is a complete practice of the most powerful traditions handed down over the centuries from Yoga teacher to student. Each class is rich with Mantra, Pranayama, Vinyasa, Asana, relaxation and sometimes philosophy.  All Ahimsa Yoga prana flows have roots in the teachings of legendary Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra.


Hatha Yoga

This class is designed for those students who are familiar with basic yogic principles. Amanda leads a meditative asana sequence connecting us to the subtler aspects of our being. This movement mediation focuses on tuning into the body’s energetic pathways and channels. Students should anticipate a blend of chanting, asana, relaxation, and pranayama.

Blossom Yoga w/ Luciana Camy

The Healing Yoga is a  chance to free the body from emotional and physical issues that prevent us  from being grounded and emotional balanced.  Through breathing exercises, yoga asanas and meditation one can  achieve a great state of relaxation and inner peace.