Siddha Rajkumar Guruji is performing a Sacred Fire Ritual in Ithaca on Oct 14th!

Siddha Yagna
Siddha Rajkumar Guruji established Maha Siddhargal Trust in South India, the sole aim of which is to evoke the deeply embedded grace within all of us: feeding the needy and other generous acts are instrumental and act as a catalyst in awakening the idea of charity, compassion, and love within oneself.A Siddha is one who is rigorously trained in spiritual practices and attained supernatural yogic powers
During ancient times, when kings ruled in India, they invited saints and performed sacred fire rituals and mass feedings to invoke the blessings of nature to secure their country from natural calamities, such as earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes, and floods.
Sacred fire generates cosmic energy and acts as a link between man’s consciousness and the cosmic consciousness. Sacred fire has the ability to convert the material offerings into spiritual components, as offerings to the Mother Nature.
The heat from sacred fire and the sound of the chanting of Mantras, are blended together to achieve the desired physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. The fumigation, and vaporization of specific substances in the sacred fire constitute a verifiable scientific method of sublimation of matter and expansion of its colloidal state, generates energy with positive effects in the surrounding atmosphere through the specific sonic waves of the mantras.
Siddha Rajkumar is performing a Sacred Fire Ritual in New York on October 14th to protect
our motherland from natural calamities. Time and place TBA. You are cordially invited to participate in this sacred function and enjoy the Divine Bliss.

World Peace

Sri Dharma Mittra’s Dharmy!

This world is so blessed to have a living Yoga Master in our midst!  Sri Dharma Mittra teaches us how to live a Divine life of Compassion and Joy while surrounded by a culture that is saturated with pain and ignorance.  He is a Living example of the perfect synthesis of all aspects of Classical Yoga. Sri  Dharma welcomes all into His loving embrace.  He teaches us all of the Yoga postures, all of the practical breathing exercises (Pranayama), Psychic Development, the best foods to eat for all of our bodies, how to concentrate, Mantra, Japa, how to purify the body and subtle channels, Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra or psychic sleep),  how to concentrate and meditate, how to extend our Compassion beyond our pets…beyond our friends and families, and the very best of His 50+ years of Sadhana!  Our beloved Dharmaji teaches most days at His ashram in New York City, 61 W 23rd Street, 6th floor. Visit Dharma Yoga Center on the web or in person!  All of these pictures are inspired by Sri Dharma Mittra.