Amanda felt her life transform in a beautiful way as a result of her personal yoga practice, and wanting to share the joy of that experience with others, decided to become a certified yoga teacher. Her goal is to help you ignite your own personal practice, guiding you to what feels right for your personal body-type, leading you towards the ultimate goal of self-realization. To Amanda, asana is meditation in movement; the truest form of embodiment. In her words, “What a blessing connecting body and breath! Allow your practice to unfold like a lotus of many petals.” After studying independently for several years, Amanda received her 200 hr Yoga Training Certification from Ahimsa Yoga School in 2011. Feel free to contact with any questions or comments:

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O friend, understand: the body
is like an ocean,
rich with hidden treasures.
Open your inmost chamber and light its lamp.
Within the body are gardens,
rare flowers, peacocks, the inner Music;
within the body a lake of bliss,
on it the white soul-swans take their joy.