Hawk aka Aakayani Devi

Hawk has been practicing and teaching Yoga over twenty years. She has served Cornell University for the past ten years as a Yoga teacher for the Department of Athletics, as well as many Cornell related clubs. She  is trained in Sivananda Yoga and Dharma Yoga.

Check the schedule for class times.  Dharma Gentle, Dharma I and Deep Relaxation is for beginners or anyone in the process of healing.  Dharma II is intermediate.  Dharma III requires experience, and Dharma IV is for advanced students only!  Hawk has also been teaching at Cornell University for 10 years.

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Luciana Camy

Luciana Camy was born in Brazil and is inspired by her grandfather who works as an herbalist and a spiritual healer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts, studied Bio-Enegertic Therapy and Osho Meditation in Rio de Janeiro. She is a Certified Aromatherapist and Yoga Instructor. Luciana completed Reiki, Tibetan Sound Healing and Meditation training in India and her holistic approach aims to promote wellness for body and mind. She has been creating therapeutic products and working with patients since 2015 in New York City. She offers private healing sessions, guide meditation yoga classes and group therapy sessions in NYC and Ithaca, NY.

Amanda Gutman

Amanda felt her life transform in a beautiful way as a result of her personal yoga practice, and wanting to share the joy of that experience with others, decided to become a certified yoga teacher. Her goal is to help you ignite your own personal practice, guiding you to what feels right for your personal body-type, leading you towards the ultimate goal of self-realization. To Amanda, asana is meditation in movement; the truest form of embodiment. In her words, “What a blessing connecting body and breath! Allow your practice to unfold like a lotus of many petals.” After studying independently for several years, Amanda received her 200 hr Yoga Training Certification from Ahimsa Yoga School in 2011. Feel free to contact with any questions or comments: amandagutman@gmail.com

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O friend, understand: the body
is like an ocean,
rich with hidden treasures.
Open your inmost chamber and light its lamp.
Within the body are gardens,
rare flowers, peacocks, the inner Music;
within the body a lake of bliss,
on it the white soul-swans take their joy.

Michael Troy

Michael has been studying yoga and meditation for over 20 years. He received teaching certifications from Laughing Lotus (2005) and Ahimsa Yoga (2012), and has studied extensively at Integral Yoga and the Himalayan Institute. He teaches from his practice, which is grounded in yin yoga (a taoist practice emphasizing long-held poses and flexibility in the connective tissue) as well as strength-building vinyasa sequences. He offers mindfulness techniques, such as breath awareness and body scanning, along with the discipline of yoga asana to help relieve suffering in all its forms. He is blessed to share this work with incarcerated people and those in recovery in addition to the general public.

Yin Yoga: In our culture, which rewards pushing and achievement, yin is often out of balance. This style of yoga focuses on deeply held poses (sometimes up to 15 minutes) to open and release the connective tissue and joints as well as to find balance, stillness, and healing. Although not gentle, this practice is suitable for all levels — a challenging form of yoga that calls you to face your edges, physically and spiritually.

Suryadasi Devi


I am Tapasyogini Suryadasi Devi from Southern California. In 2006 I received my initiation into the mystical traditions of the Siddhar sages from my Guru Tapasyogi Nandhi Baba who shares the wisdom of the Tamil Siddhars from his temple in Los Angeles California.  I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification course with Hawk at Ahimsa Yoga School in Ithaca, New York.

I am also a Henna artist and love to incorporate each person’s vision of the Sacred into Yogic body Art. It’s a Divine blessing to be sharing these ancient teachings with Ithaca.

Michelle Csonka

Michelle is warm-hearted, intuitive, passionate and has an unwavering stand for those she comes in contact with. Her warmth and authenticity are clear in every interaction as is her commitment that we be our best selves. Her diverse background includes being a certified Life Coach, teaching in the public schools, degrees in Spanish and International Studies, an M.A. in Caribbean Studies, study of photography, and work as a healer.

Stephany Item

Stephany is a high energy educator who believes in play and joy before all things! She grew up in Rome, Italy in a bi-lingual, bi-cultural home, speaking both Italian and English, fostering a deep connection to languages and cultures. Stephany now speaks fluent Italian, English, and Spanish, and has a moderate mastery of Portuguese. Her curiosity has led her to many fantastic places in the world where she has blossomed into the educator she is today. She practices yoga and several forms of dance and movement.

Stephany has been working with children since 2007. From working as an english teacher in Spain, to creating a “Playing with English” program in Rome, to being a special education aide in San Diego, Stephany has had the blessing to work with children all across the world with an array of different needs. Stephany started teaching yoga primarily for students with special needs, recognizing the empowering and self regulating tools children gain from the practice. This led Stephany to become a children’s yoga teacher in public schools. She is currently teaching preschool and yoga in Ithaca, New York, focusing closely on social-emotional development, yoga and movement, and gardening and nutrition.

Stephany’s is a trained Kidding Around Yoga teacher. She has been practicing Hatha Yoga for over 10 years and grew up with her mom teaching her yoga throughout her life. She has lived first hand the empowering self regulatory tools yoga has to offer and feels it is her duty to share these with the children in her life.