For over 30 years Hawk has studied, practiced and taught the Holy Science of Yoga. Over the past 18 years she has served Ithaca, New York and taught classes at Cornell University’s Department of Athletics, as well as many Cornell affiliated teams and clubs for 15 years. Her training began in the mid 1980’s while in college at Temple University, continued into the early 90’s with Sivananda Yoga (200hr) and continues today with living Master, Sri Dharma Mittra (500hr & 800hr), and living Master, Siddha Raja Kumar Swami from Brammarish Hills, India.

In 2010, after a quarter century of searching, Hawk realized that Sri Dharma Mittra was a living Yoga Master!  She immediately called the Dharma Yoga Center in NYC and signed up for the 500hr Life of A Yogi Teacher Training Course and in August of 2015 she completed Sri Dharma Mittra’s 800hr LOAY Teacher Training Immersion.  In those hours of being at the feet of the Master Hawk began to understand and integrate everything she had learned about Yoga and life! Then a few years ago the Siddhars found Hawk and connected her to her Tantric lineage and she was initiated into the Sacred Fire Pooja which she offers on certain Thursdays in downtown Ithaca New York!

Every class that Hawk teaches is an offering to the Divine in all of us.  Each class is a complete practice of traditional Raja Hatha Ashtanga Vinyasa Kundalini Tantra Nidra Laya Nada Bhakti Karma Jnana Yoga.  That means that every class involves compassion, chanting, breathing, postures, esoteric teachings and relaxation according to the level of experience of the students.

In 2007 Hawk opened Ithaca Yoga Center, Ahimsa Yoga Studio to create a sacred space for the Ithaca community to have a chance to learn the whole and complete practice of Classical Yoga.  With the commitment to make the Practice accessible to all people regardless of financial constraints, Hawk continues to offer a minimum of 5 hrs of free and donation-based  programming weekly!  Hawk believes that when it comes  to Yoga there are no limitations, there is a part of the Practice suitable to everyone!  Hawk’s classes range from total relaxation to the most intense flow of postures you’ve ever experienced!  If you’re not sure where you fit in, call her and ask!

Hawk is also a Wellness Advocate in partnership with doTERRA. In perfect alignment with her mission to Educate and Empower, Hawk offers free Essential Oil classes, private Wellness consultations and Leadership trainings & parties. For more info or to purchase doTERRA Essential Oils and products visit